Maryland PPT Pro 2022 (Approved Forms) is now available!

1/26/2022: Fixed Form 2 Draft Watermark & Added a network only / non-admin access installer to Downloads

1/25/2022: Release 2022.2 available with forms approved by Maryland SDAT.


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Guaranteed to meet all your PPT needs, Maryland PPT Pro is packed with features that matter:
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Single User

For sole proprietors or small firms with one preparer.

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Advanced features for multiple users or network use.

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Latest technology

Maryland PPT Pro was built from the ground up using the latest technologies available today. It is not based on DOS or old Windows technology.

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Powerful and intuitive

The user-friendly Personal Property Tax software for the Maryland Accounting Professional has arrived! Maryland PPT Pro offers a clean, attractive, easy to use interface while still offering all of the features you need.

Supported Forms

Business Form 1
Sole Prop Form 2
Banks Form 5
Rentals Form 7
All Client letters, invoices, assessments


Corporate data entry, streamlined for ease of use.

Form 4A data entry, showing check totals.

On-screen preview of all forms and documents.

Word processor for customizing letters and documents.